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Omni-Channel Solution

Made Easy

Accept payments from all channels and devices with a single platform!

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PayAxis is a omni-channel payment solution developed with the tools necessary to effectively manage every facet of merchant processing. We are a customer oriented company committed to excellence. Our clients count on us to provide payment solutions that streamline business processes and implement inexpensive and secure technology that is easy to use. We have found that one of the most important factors for merchants when choosing a processor are their capabilities and functionalities. We have made and continue to make changes to meet the ever-changing demands of merchants and the evolution of payments in the global marketplace.

Your merchants are able to do what they need to do and, that is concentrate on running a successful business. Now merchants will be able to spend more time increasing transactions rather than defending them. Our corporate mission is to maximize their profitability through the use of next generation payment processing solutions. These solutions will allow our clients to maximize their business opportunities while minimizing their risks.

Payment Services

Offer merchants the ability to accept credit cards, debit cards and other forms of payment while making the opening of a merchant account simple.

Credit Card

Complete solution to accept and process credit cards.

Debit Card

Millions of shoppers use a debit card every day for payment.

NFC / E-Wallet

Enable smartphones and digital wallets to make purchases.


No more waiting for the cheque that’s NOT in the mail.


Keep it simple with Omni-channel processing!

Payment Solutions

Every day, we strive to make seamless, quick and secure payment transactions for our clients, merchants and their customers. We leverage our products and expertise to deliver solutions that drive our clients' revenue and profitability.


Onsite payment solutions allow you to remain flexible with ease at the POS.


Go where your business takes you with our mobile payment solution.


Expand your business and reach global customers with our e-commerce solution.


Our fully-integrated payment solutions, offer an integrated payment experience.


Whether a large national enterprise or a small local business, we have a solution.

Gift & Loyalty

Reward, build awareness and incentivize new customers.

Hosted Tools

It's vital to stay on top of things and we have numerous account management and business tools which do just that.

Billing / Invoicing

Your merchants can create, send & track invoices using our hosted online invoicing module and collect payments faster. Add unlimited customers, send unlimited invoices, set reminders for you and your customers, all the control is easily accessible at your fingertips.

Add the tax plug-in to easily calculate the provincial, state or federal taxes based on your settings. There are several customizable invoice templates to maintain your brand identity and you can even create your own.


Our hosted shopping cart and payment page option for e-commerce merchants is fully customizable to ensure that your merchants can maintain their brand identity with their customers. Add unlimited products and track with inventory management, customize the email receipt that is sent to customers and set alerts as needed.

Our checkout solution is plug and play in most instances but if not, don't worry our API is very easy and you have our complete support 24/7/365.

Business Tools

Our tools are designed to give a quick and extensive look into your business anytime you need 24/7/365.

Data can help you to answer many questions but without the right way to analyze it, you can struggle to put it all together. Our robust merchant portal provides you with all you need to put your analytic data to work so you can make faster informed decisions and work smarter. Take advantage of our account management tools such as, business analytics, dashboard & reporting, complete fraud, security & risk prevention, recurring & subscription billing management and level II & III processing. Use the cash advance plugin to offer it to your merchants. It can be used to expand their business or get prepared for the busy season ahead. The possibilities are endless.

Merchants are able to do what they need to do and, that is concentrate on running a successful business. Now merchants will be able to spend more time increasing transactions rather than defending them. Our corporate mission is to maximize their profitability through the use of next generation payment processing. These solutions will allow your merchants to maximize their business opportunities while minimizing their risks.


Our chargeback alerts & management module accomplishes several things. It will allow card holder dispute alerts to be identified prior to being sent to the Acquirer. In doing this, it will immediately lower recorded chargebacks from merchants. It will also reduce the Reported Fraud by the same ratios, provided the merchant agrees to automatically issue an immediate credit.

In addition, it will significantly affect a merchant's overall processing chargeback levels in a positive way, allowing higher volumes of transactions with lower costs. It is a preventative tool, which assists merchants to achieve the Chargeback and Fraud thresholds, and allows increased profit, by a reduction of paperwork, support, and by automating the entire process. In addition, as the chargeback levels are lowered, you can accept increased volume for increased profitability.

Payment Processing Solution

Point-of-Sale Terminals

Affordable, powerful, reliable and ergonomic High speed internet or dial up connection.

E-commerce Solutions

Virtual terminal for card not present transactions Direct API integration for e-commerce websites.

Wireless POS

Perfect for restaurants or taxi companies Cellular or Bluetooth connectivity.

Mobile Payments

Swipe credit cards anytime, anywhere for iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry.

All the tools your business needs to succeed

  • Multiple Payments Types

  • Multi-Currency

  • Merchant Portal

  • Partner Portal

  • Invoicing with Tax Calculations

  • Gift & Loyalty

  • Secure & Reliable

  • Alerts & Notifications

  • Chargeback Management

  • Fraud Tools

  • Virtual Terminal

  • Customizable Shopping
    Cart & Payment Pages

  • Easy Navigation Interfaces

  • Subscription Billing


Integration made easy

Your clients want simple, secure payments. You want seamless payments integration. We provide flexible, secure and easily integrated payment solutions for businesses and developers.

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A hook up, connection, one that helps another obtain some type of value by means of their personal status or resources.

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