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Banking Solution

A true borderless solution for global clients!

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Benefit from our technology driven platform, digital automated onboarding, KYC/AML procedures and systems, to make it easy and safe for your customers to manage their account from anywhere in the world. Your customers can now forget about managing multiple accounts. Maestro allows them to manage their funds in multiple foreign currencies. Hold, send, and receive payments in multiple currencies. They can also hold, send, buy, and sell multiple digital asset currencies.


Offer your customers the ability to pay and get paid easily.

Wire Transfers

Domestic & International


Deposit & Issue


Send & Receive

Debit Card

Virtual & Physical

Digital Assets

Send, Receive, Buy, Sell & Store

Digital Solutions

We leverage our products and expertise to deliver solutions that drive our clients’ revenue and profitability.

Fully Digital &

Technology driven platform

Multi -

Hold, send & receive in multiple currencies


Digital automated on-boarding


Offer accounts to individuals


Offer accounts to businesses

Digital Assets

Buy, sell or manage multiple digital assets


It is vital to stay on top of things and we have numerous account management and business tools which do just that.


Your customers can create, send & track invoices using our online invoicing module and collect payments faster. They can add unlimited customers, send unlimited invoices, set reminders for their customers and themselves, all the control is easily accessible at their fingertips.

Real-Time Reporting

Our real-time reporting is designed to give you a quick and extensive look into your business anytime you need 24/7/365. Making good business decisions begins with using accurate data. It’s important to have current reports, available at a moment’s notice, to support the decision-making process. With real-time reporting, you and your customers have instant access to accurate, up-to-date information — and that can increase confidence in the decision making process.

Users & Permissions

Your customers can create sub-users and stay on to of all sub-user activity. Control and assign permissions and settings to users that define their ability to view and access accounts, make transactions and more.

Notifications & Alerts

Keeping track of their accounts has never been easier and accomplishes several things. Account notifications & alerts are sent via email, to let your customers know exactly what’s happening and all activity in their account.

Create a Complete Digital Solution That Is Perfect For:






And the list goes on...

All the tools your business needs to succeed

  • Account Reconciliation

  • Automated Fees

  • Monthly Fees Engine

  • Multi-Currency

  • Digital Assets

  • Monthly Statements

  • Personal & Business Accounts

  • White Label & Customizable

  • Customized Fee Schedule

  • Buy & Sell Assets

  • Easy Navigation Interfaces

  • Compliance Tools

  • Add-On Tools

  • Hosted Solution


Integration made easy

Your clients want simple, secure payments. You want seamless payments integration. We provide flexible, secure and easily integrated payment solutions for businesses and developers.

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A hook up, connection, one that helps another obtain some type of value by means of their personal status or resources.

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